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Tuesday, August 19 2014

Life has calmed down and I am caught up on the quilting so far.  Things are looking good and just a few changes here at the Quilters Station.   You will notice a slight name change:  The Quilters Station, Inc.  

Other than that buisness as usual, I have been getting inquirys regarding custom quilting and it is officially off my list for hire.  I just can not do the custom quilting any longer, it was a hard decission to come to and a long process to get there but there you have it.

I will continue to do the edge to edge quilting and I will be happy to give you some names of very well known, great quilters that you can contact for the custom quilting when you have that one very very special quilt that needs just a bit more.  Remember that in most cases edge to edge quilting with the right choice of pattern can give you a beautiful looking quilt without the high price and often very very long wait time of custom.   Keep in mind what your purpose of the quilt is, would you be willing to quilt it yourself, are you willing to spend $800 to $1500.00 on having it quilted, are you willing to wait 1 -2 years in many cases to have it quilted.  Often I find the answers to these questions are no, it is for my 12 year old grandchild, Child going off to college.  A wedding gift, etc.  We can choose a very pretty pattern to do edge to edge and even when you have nice wide open blank fabrics the pattern will really pop in those areas and looks great.  

I have done this on many of my own quilts and came home with Blue Ribbons, more and more judges especially in our local guild quilt shows are aware of the growing popularity of edge to edge quilting and it really does look great when done well, the quilt is more usable and comfortable.  The biggest question is:  Is this quilt for use or for show only?

Happy quilting and see you soon.



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