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Saturday, September 16 2017

I have listed my website in google maps however it shows up as a sewing company.  It seems that even after all these years Long arm quilter's simply have no category.  

Now I get asked all the time if I will make a quilt for hire.  I am sorry but I no longer have time to do that for other people.  It is that choose your Niche thing again and there just is not enough time in the day.  I do have a person that I can send you to if you are interested in having a T-Shirt quilt made and I do send work to her all the time in that area.

The main focus of my business is quilting the quilt tops that you have made.  I just love doing it and have been doing this since 1999.  I am now up to 3 computerized machines.  One Nolting and 2 Gammills.   Most of the quilting I do is Edge to Edge.  My general rule is that I scale the designs with no more that 2-3 inches left un-quilted.  I like scales that look realistic, so if that flower would be 2-3 inches in life that is what I want to see it on the quilt.   I can go smaller and/or larger if you like,  just make sure you tell me each and every time because as much as I would like to say I will remember, I will not remember who likes what each time.

I am still trying to shift my website searches back here to this site so again please be patient and just know I am still here, still working and still loving life.

Thanks and Happy Quilting


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