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Friday, June 24 2022

I will be accepting new customers for a short period of time from July 1 to Sept 1, 2022 - Please review the website, look at the patterns and check out the quilting prices page for all prices, order form, and instructions on preparing your quilts, backing fabric etc.  Call or email for an appointment for dropping off at the door.  If shipping, drop me an email and let me know you are shipping.   
Thanks and I look forward to quilting for you.

Please make sure you pay close attention to the instructions on preparing your quilt and the backing fabric.  Not all long arm quilters do the same thing and I am very very fussy about the backing fabric.  ( I want us both to have the best experience possible)  

No minky, fleece or other stretchy fabrics for the back.  Quilt top must not have any 3 dimensional items,  Applique is fine however all edges should be securely stitched down.  No open seam such as pockets on T-shirt Quilts etc...  All seams should be pressed flat, Bulky seams can harm the machine.

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Friday, August 06 2021

I have updated my instructions on seaming your backing fabric and I hope you find this helpful.  I know many of us just love to use up as much left-over fabric as we can and as good as this looks it is a nightmare for long arm quilters.   After this last time of my machine breaking down and being down for 2 weeks, I just cannot risk these backs any longer and ask that you keep it down to simple seams as described in the "How to seam your backing fabric" pdf found under the tab Quilting prices in the upper left-hand corner.  

Types of fabrics that I do not accept are Minky, Fleece or other fabrics that stretch a lot.  Flannel works great for that nice soft feel.   Cotton is always the best.  Sheets can be used if you remove all the stitching and make sure the piece is still large enough.

Seams on your quilt top should be pressed nice and flat as well.  Personally, I use a steam iron and press them down (not iron - Press) by hitting them with a burst of steam.  This allows the hopping foot to glide over them.  Some block patterns that have multiple seams meeting in one spot should have instructions in the pattern on how to deal with those that work wonderful.  

I cannot quilt 3 dimensional quilts i.e..  bunny ears that are not protrude up from the quilt top, buttons etc.  folded border (flange inserts) etc.  Because I only do edge to edge quilting, I cannot handle these and if the machine happens to want to stitch (more often than not) It can break the machine.  Sadly, we have to do all the maintenance ourselves and I have learned a lot over the years about repairs.  

Both hand and machine Embroidery do very well as long as the stitches are nice and tight, and we choose a nice open pattern and thread color that does not take away from the embroidery.  Applique also does very well as long and all the edges are stitched down close or on the edge.  If the stitching is not secure at the edge, then the hopping foot will fold it over and create a tuck.  These quilts also work best with a nice open pattern and thread color that blends well.

I hope all this information helps us both to have a more pleasant experience and great end result in the finished product. 

Thank you 


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Friday, June 25 2021
New addition to the family

Meet Jackie The Wonder Cat.  Jackie came to us on Mothers Day,  She was rescued by a neighbor and after many efforts to locate her family that failed Jackie moved in with us.  She is just about a year old and is just a perfect Pet for Mother and I.   She behaves very well, not scratching up furniture and stays away from the quilts on the machines.  I am getting a door put on my studio to keep her out at night when I am asleep however so far there is not evidence that she does anything she shouldn't do while I sleep.   She does like to come in a say hello from time to time but mostly she spends her days upstairs with Mom and is great company for her.

I can no longer say I am pet free but please be assured I do not allow her on any quilts and all the quilts are kept secure out of her way in the breathable bags tht you get them back in so I am confident you will not have Cat Hair from me.

All my life I have owned cats and for the past 20 years I have not had an animal.  I missed having a pet and we are just in Love with Jackie The Wonder Cat!

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Monday, March 01 2021

This website is maintained for existing customer to use in selecting patterns etc...  

After 20 years of long arm quilting and now with Covid it seems many many people are returning to quilting and/or taking it up for the first time and as much as I have always loved working with new quilter's I simply can not keep up the pace in addition to my current work load and at this stage in my life I would rather work less and have more time to enjoy my own sewing.  For this reason I will only consider new customers should you be recommended by someone who is a customer, even then I will have to consider what my work load is already.

You are considered a current customer if you have sent or brought quilts to me in the past 6-7 years.   On rare occasions I do hear from someone that the last quilt I did for you was longer than that and I do your information in my data base  archives and would consider quilting again for you.

As for myself I have really been enjoying taking weekends and holidays off and having a normal quilting time every day.  I have been spending it doing some quilting of my own and right now I am working on charity quilts just using up some of my fabric stash.  Some great books I found for this is from FabriCafe by Donna Roberson.  Each booklet has very simple easy small quilts (can be made larger) that only use 3 yards.  Hopefully by the time we can get back into the stores and quilt shows I will be looking for some gorgeous new fabric.

Thank you and enjoy your quilting 

I look forward to continuing to quilt for my customers.


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Monday, March 30 2020

I hope all is well with you and your family in this new phase of life we are all going through.    Stay home and Stay Safe is the new moto.

My Husband and I and my Mother are all staying home unless it is something vital.  We are well stocked up and doing well.  I have been getting to some business items that I have put off for sometime now.  I just finished creating new catalogs.  I was able to split off some larger catalogs and make them 2 that I hope will be easier to use.  I have also added some new ones and have retired some.  Enjoy looking through the changes.  

I am still working on quilting and so far it has been working out well to do drop off and pick ups at the front door for all my local customers.  How this will work is you will place your quilt etc  in a bag  with the order form. (You can download the order form //   We will still make an appointment time so I know your coming, when you get her just ring the bell and I will come out and get your quilt making sure we keep our 6 feet distance.   If you are not sure how you want your quilt done then I can choose for you as I do for many of my customers or we can do that part over the phone. 

I will email you a copy of your invoice so you know what the charges will be when it is finished.  When the quilt is ready to return we will do the same thing.  We will talk about payment methods over the phone. 

For all my Customers who ship to me every thing is the same as you have been doing.  return shipping times could start seeing some delays as noted from UPS etc...  So far things have been running very well.

We can also aways wait until life gets back to some kind of normal and that is fine as well.  Enjoy the process of making all those quilts.  It is good to keep busy as well as to slow down and just enjoy the process.  Take the time to do something you always wanted to try but did not really have the time to dig into the process.    I have been playing with my 12 needle happy embroidery machine,  just stitching designs out that I have had for years and never really had the time to do them.  I am learning more about my machine and loving it.  I may start trying to work on embroidery digitizing if this goes on much longer.

We don't really know how log this stay at home will be needed but one thing we do know is that it is working to a point and we are finding new benifits from just getting back to basics.  Learning how to connect with people again.  I have spent more time on the telephone with my long time girlfriends than we have in years.  It has been great to have those long long talks again.   

Our planet is also reeping the benifits.  With the world in a massive shut down the planet is recovering some - showing us it can be done.

I know many people are busy making mask for our health care workers,  My Mom and I have made some and hope to make more.  We have kept some for ourselves to use when we go to the grocery store.  This week we have seen others with mask on as well.  Facebook has a ton of links to some easy ones to sew.  You can't find Elestic anymore but you can make a bias strip to use in its place that works very well.

I have faith that this will get better but in the meantime please be safe and take care of you...... and yours.....  

I will try to post here more often just to keep in touch.

Thanks for everything 


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Wednesday, January 22 2020

I will be open to accepting new customers for edge to edge quilting.  Life has reached a calm level and I am ready to get to quilting.

Thank you everyone for your understanding during the past 3 months while we adjusted to a new normal.


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Thursday, July 25 2019

Just a friendly reminder to those who ship quilts to me that the order-form you download now has my home address on it,  Please make sure you make this change,  The Box has been closed.  For now the UPS store will hold things that come to it by mistake because they know me, however they do not call to inform me that I have something there and they charge me for every package that comes in.  At some point they will start returning them to you.    

I did keep this box open for a full 3 months to give everyone time to make the change,  If you have old oder forms please throw them away and print the new one found under the tab Quilting Prices, upper left hand corner at bullet list starting with order form.  Simply click on that and a window will open the order form as a PDF that you can print.

Thank you and Happy Quilting


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Saturday, May 04 2019

A few updates- 

New patterns have been added,  It will take me some time to update the individual catalogs but I have put a section in for new patterns.

New order form - I have changed my shipping address back to my physical address.  With the rising cost of the UPS Box and now that my Husband has retired one or both of us are always here to accept packages.  We live in a very safe area and I have the informed delivery from the post office to let me know what is coming I feel confident that the change will be positive.

I am always trying to find ways to reduce my cost so that I may keep my prices for my customers down.   The UPS box is just one of those cost.  

I do carry a very small selection of 108 wide backing.  Mostly White and Black - It just is not feasible to carry everything so my focus will be on netural.

Batting,  I will continue to carry the 5 brands listed on the order form.  You are always welcome to supply your own should you have another brand you like.

Thanks you and Happy Quilting

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Friday, October 13 2017
Leather Quilt

This year I have been taking a little time off  on the weekends to get back into doing some quilts of my own and when I saw Cathy Wiggins offer this leather project I jumped into to learning something new.  I had a great time with this one and when finished I was encouraged to send it to the MQX Quilt Festival in Springfield IL where it won a 1st place ribbon.  I have since gone on to create 2 more leather quilts that I have designed on my own.  I will post them in the Gallery.

I have loved quilting from the day I started in 1997 and even though I don't get a great deal of time to work on my own I love working on your quilts.  I love quilts from simple to complex.  Each quilt has a story to tell so even if you are a beginner your love shows through in what you are doing.    Your quilts will be loved for years to come and what better gift to give someone.

Have fun and learn as you go.


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Sunday, September 17 2017

I have just updated all my edge to edge catalog's and posted them on the website.  I was thrilled to find an easy way to print the catalog's again.  

This is one of my most time consuming task,  I normally add a few new patterns each month and it has been hard to keep the catalog's updated.  

hope you enjoy!

Thanks and happy quilting


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